I’m a communications specialist, Emmy-nominated video producer, journalist and cycling enthusiast. I received my BA in journalism, with honors, from the University of Liverpool. I’ve worked as a journalist in Egypt, France, United Kingdom and the United States and my writing has been published in the Columbia Journalism Review.

I began my video career working on news packages and documentaries. I have received accolades for producing, editing and filming both fiction and non-fiction pieces. Projects I’ve worked on have shown at film festivals around the world, including Cannes. A short documentary I produced, ‘Ars Magna’, received an Emmy nomination in 2009. I am a strong video editor and enjoy working on conceptual videos and promotional material.

If you found your way here because you love cycling, even better! Shoot me an email, follow me on Twitter, ask me about places to ride in the Tri-state area, or invite me to join you on your next road or trail excursion. See you out there and stay safe.